C³S Software

What We Do

Storage, security, and healthcare industry focused, high quality, cost effective, custom software development delivered quickly. Mobile Apps, back end software, and web sties.

How We Do It

Talented development teams combine US based and offshore individuals using SCRUM resulting in a highly efficient, collaborative development environment.

What It Costs

We never, ever skimp on quality. Never! Yet we are able to offer fully managed software development services for as low as $30/hr.

Who We Are

A Promise of Quality

C ³S Software (C ³S) has been satisfying customers since 2002. We have thrived because quality has always been our focus and treating people right has always been our culture. This is who we are and how we are able to acquire and retain top notch staff. It is also why we are able to say the vast majority of our customers are still our customers.

What We Do

Professional High Performance Applications


We specialize in developing server side, high performance software for the storage, security, and healthcare industries. NetApp fPolicy, ONTAPI, ONTAP 7-mode, ONTAP cDOT, NMSDK, WebScale. EMC CEE, VNX DART, XMLAPI, Isilon OneFS, ATMOS. Microsoft Azure. Amazon S3. And many more!

Mobile Applications


iOS and Android. Objective C, Java. UI/UX design. We help you navigate getting published on the Apple Store and on Google Play. HTML 5, JavaScript, Iconic, Sencha, Oracle MAF, Visual Studio, and many more.



eCommerce, Drupal and PHP, Ruby on Rails. Do we really need to list them all here?

How We Do It

The Software Solution Specialist

A Software Solution Specialist (SSS) is assigned to every customer. This individual has a minimum 10 years of software design, coding, and management experience. Most have 15 years or more. He/she will be there for you from the first day forward, throughout your entire project experience. Their job, simply put, is to guarantee success.


Your SSS is a native English speaker based in the U.S. He will learn your business and ensure you are getting exactly what you want, when you want it. Do you need a unscheduled phone call, impromptu meeting, even an onsite visit? No problem, your SSS is your champion.


Every SSS is a certified SCRUM Master. You will be included in weekly Sprint meetings. Every two weeks, you will be given a demo of your software, highlighting the new features implemented in the last 2 week period. You will never be in the dark for months, wondering what your spending your money on.


We have scores of talented developers and designers with varying specialties and experience levels. Your SSS will build you a team tailored to solve your specific software challenges. Couple the skills and expertise of your SSS with an excellent team of developers and you get superior results, every time!


Top quality services starting at $30/hr
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